Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus


Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus

“Developed by leading pet nutritionists”

  • Highly palatable – ideal for fussy eaters
  • Made with 36% freshly prepared fish
  • Contains 50% Salmon & Trout
  • Natural ingredients, not synthetic



Product Description

JUST Grain Free –Salmon & Trout is a natural, complete and balanced food for dogs made with a staggering 50% salmon and trout making it the perfect diet for all dogs.

JUST Grain Free – Salmon & Trout is made to a vet approved gentle formula meaning it is ideal for dogs prone digestive sensitivity. As it is completely free of any grains, JUST Grain Free – Salmon & Trout prevents and heals any skin issues by preserving the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Salmon is ideal for dogs as it is a hypoallergenic protein source, high in essential fatty acids that maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, whilst also aiding in the development of the brain.

Trout is low in saturated fats but high in omega-3 for the maintenance of healthy weight and joints.

Sweet Potato is a complex carbohydrate perfect for slow release energy. It is also rich in antioxidants for the development of the immune system, and anti-inflammatory nutrients for blood sugar regulation (ideal for hyperactive dogs).

Asparagus is known as a ‘superfood’ as it is rich in a variety of minerals that provide digestive support, blood sugar regulation and heart health.


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