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Keeping Calm


Dogs and cats are sensitive beings that can be agitated, distressed or disrupted by even small changes to their environment or routine.

stressed catStressed dog
Whether they are stressed out by fireworks, trips to the vets, car journeys, building renovations, new additions to the household, the introduction of new pets or suffer from separation anxiety, we hate to see our four-legged friends upset.With this in mind, we have introduced a range of calming products for both cats and dogs. Each product is different to ensure that every pets needs have been catered for.

Calming Spot On


With Bonfire Night approaching, the setting off of fireworks seem to be a nightly occurrence from the start of October to New Year’s Eve. This can cause intense stress and anxiety in pets that can be the cause of disruptive behaviour and be upsetting for us to watch.

However, Beaphar Calming Spot On for both cats and dogs has been an effective and cure for distress around this time of year. At a cost of just £2 per week the natural formula helps calm and relax pets without sedation. As each treatment lasts a week, there is no need for constant reapplication.
Beaphar Calming Spot On is also ideal for extended periods of disruption or change in your pet’s routine (especially cats, as they an be susceptible to even the smallest change) such as building renovations, holidays, repeated travel or overnight stays at the vet.Calming Spot On for Cats


Calming CollarCalming Collar for Dogs

Separation anxiety is a common problem, especially amongst dog owners. The love and affection for you from your dog is so strong that even a small time apart can cause extreme anxiety and stress that can often lead to problematic and disruptive behaviour including chewing of furniture, inappropriate urination or excessive barking.

Because it is long acting, Beaphar Calming Collar for both cats and dogs is an ideal tool when dealing with dogs with separation anxiety. As it lasts up to 6 weeks the collar can be left on at all times and can be used side by side with training.

The Beaphar Calming Collar is also useful for helping your pets with the introduction of new members of the household. Whether this addition is human or animal, your existing pets can be unfriendly or unwelcoming, so a period of calm can be helpful whilst they readjust.Calming Collar for Cats

Calming TabletsCalming Tablets

Sometimes we can predict that the stress levels of our pets will be temporarily raised. Lots of pets struggle with travel anxiety, and combine this with a trip to the vet and it can cause extreme nervousness.

Beaphar Calming Tablets for cats and dogs can solve this problem. Taking only 90 minutes to take affect, these tablets can last up to 2 1/2 hours, more than ample time for the majority of vets trips or car journeys to be distant memory! For extra long trips, the dose can be repeated up to 3 times a day.
Beaphar Calming Tablets can be just as helpful around the party season. With increased foot traffic at your home during soirees and get-togethers, short term calming can make your pet’s happiness one less thing to worry about around the busy festive period.

Calming Home SprayCalming Home Spary

Any cat owner know how easy cats can be disrupted. As soon as the pet carrier is dug out of the loft, my cats run a mile and try and to avoid capture for as long as possible.

 Beaphar Calming Home Spray can be sprayed directly into the pet carriers or onto bedding and blankets to prevent the symptoms of distress, such as excessive meowing.
Cats can also take a disliking to new items of furniture, or react badly to new decoration. Using Beaphar Calming Home Spray can help reduce the anxiety felt by cats, therefore decreasing the risk of them scratching your brand new sofa or wallpaper!
As all of Beaphar’s range of calming treatments are completely natural, they can be administered together for maximum relaxation or to give an extra boost if your pet has become extra stressed.


All of the above products can be found here or in store. If you have any queries about any of the Beaphar Calming products, or are unsure which will work best for your pet, please give us a ring on 0161 429 8181 9am-5pm Monday – Saturday.

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Dog walker in Central Park

Be Safe and Be Seen this Winter

Be Safe and Be Seen this Winter

 Snowy dog walk

The nights are getting longer, the weather’s getting colder and every time you look out of the window it’s raining – that’s right, winter is coming. But all dogs still need exercise!

As modern pet owners, we lead busy lives and there is often little choice but to take our dogs for walks under the cover of darkness. Although getting wrapped up warm and taking your best friend out for a peaceful and relaxing stroll at night may sound appealing, the lack of daylight and adverse weather poses some risks to dog-walkers. During dusk and in the weeks approaching winter when the evenings draw in fast, you and your dog become virtually invisible. Even when walking in well-lit areas, your chances of being noticed by motorists are reduced.


Here are some of our top tips for safe winter walks:

  • The best places to walk with your dog at night are those that are well lit, enclosed and away from roads. If you need to walk with your dog along a road, try to find a route with lit pedestrianised pavements. In more rural areas where there is no choice to walk on a road, always walk against traffic (on the right hand side). This allows you to see what traffic is approaching you and makes it easier for them to see you.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible. This means avoiding wearing dark clothing (especially those without reflective strips). Maybe even consider Hi-Vis vest or jacket over your coat.
  • Always carry a torch. Although modern phones usually come with a torch function, this could drain your phone’s battery and leave you in trouble if your dog gets lost or into bother. Headlamps work even better as it keeps both your hands free while making you visible to motorists or other dog walkers (and helps you find the poop!)
  • Using reflective, Hi-Vis or flashing collars and leads makes your dog visible too. In particular, light up collars are useful as it allows you to keep an eye on your dog if you decide you’ve found a safe enough area to let them off their lead. 


  • Be aware of your surroundings. Take extra care as to where you walk; broken glass and other sharp objects may be less visible at night or if it’s snowy. Even meeting other dogs is more of an issue in the dark, so if your pet is nervous it’s probably best to keep them on a lead or within sight.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s behaviour as they can see much better than we do in low light! They have bigger pupils, so can let in more light and have more rods in their retinas that are designed for low light. They also have a tapetum behind the retina, which reflects light back again, so technically they see things twice as bright. For those reasons don’t take anything for granted. Your dog may spot something you don’t and rush away in search of it. It’s often those unexpected bursts of speed that lead to an accident.

Muddy dog walk


So that’s it, you’re ready for anything the elements can throw at you! But please don’t lose interest in walking your dog in winter, as lack of exercise and boredom is the cause of most problem behaviour.


If you have any queries about winter or night-time walking, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff members via phone (0161 429 8181), via email ( or via Facebook  


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Manager Matt Tackles Obstacle Course for Good Cause

Store manager, delivery driver and long standing Discount Pets team member, Matt, is taking on a gruelling physical test in aid of local homelessness.

crossed arms matt

Matt has been training hard with his local gym, Benchmark in Heavily. They will be tackling Tough Tribe together on 24th September raising funds for The Wellspring.

pushing weights 2

Tough Tribe is a unique, inspiring, mixed terrain obstacle race spread over a 10km course, featuring natural and man made obstacles, designed to challenge contestants both physically and mentally. It will be taking place at Stockport Sports Village in Woodley, and Matt would love you and your dog’s support on the day!

weights 1

The Wellspring is a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people. The project is on Harvey St, behind Robinson’s brewery in the centre of Stockport and provides services to homeless and disadvantaged people 365 days a year.

pushing weights

As it is a local charity close to the hearts of Discount Pets, the whole team appreciates all donations. We have supported The Wellspring a number of times in the past, including when Matt has completed the Manchester 10km. Every donation, however small, will help this brilliant charity continue the great work they are doing every day.